Handmade products from a small business

Handmade products from a small business

Giant Jenga pieces

#GiantJenga starts it's life as 6 2x4x8 boards.

Step 1: Cut into 54 10.5" lengths

Step 2: 279' (yes feet!)' of edges to roundover

Step 3: 43 sqft of surface to sand

Step 4: Cut boards and plywood pieces for storage box

Step 5: Drill and saw out handle holes

Step 6: Construct box

Step 7: Sand edges and surfaces

Step 8: 57 labels to print and apply




Giant Jenga ready to play!


This is what you're getting when you buy #handmade products from a #smallbusiness.

Of course there is the cost of materials, investment in tools, and the cost of consumables to complete the actual project. There's subscription costs for domain names, web hosting, design software, eCommerce platforms, advertising, and many other overheads. The small business owner also gets to be photographer, web designer, accountant, social media savant, marketing guru, writer, researcher, artist, buyer, customer service rep, sales rep, etc.



There's the countless hours spent in the shop over the years, learning and honing the skills. There's been many bonfire's worth of scrap wood from failed experiments and mistakes made. I get to be in the shop at 8am, and find myself still there at close to midnight. And all the above has to fit in around my real job, of being a dad to my @juniormaker.


None of this is a complaint. Far from it! When you buy something I have made, you allow me to do all these things. I thank you for appreciating the #passion and #craftsmanship that has gone into making your special 'thing.'



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